Aton Network


Aton Solutions is a next-generation managed services company that provides a comprehensive suite of transformation and support services. Aton is constantly redefining the way IT services are being delivered and consumed with assured outcomes. Our attractive portfolio of service offering spans makes us different from a traditional Infrastructure or a cloud managed services provider. Our customers endorsing the value we add to their business is the biggest testament to our promise of Experience Outcomes. We are uniquely positioned to help our clients accelerate their digital journey. We want to provide an all-in-one solution to manage the complex cloud. The idea of simplifying cloud management is what drives our innovation engine

Cloud Visibility

Cloud Visibility goes about as a solitary sheet of glass for your multi-cloud framework. It totals terabytes of your unstructured information into intelligent graphical dashboards and altered reports that can be downloaded in different arrangements. You can cut and filter the information utilizing a propelled set of filters, for example, – account ids, memberships, administrations, locales, asset labels, and substantially more. Decrease your time and exertion to investigate and chargeback different business classes, (for example, cost-focuses, applications, or proprietors).

Cloud Monitoring

Cost Monitoring recognizes your unidentified costs related to information move, occasion IDs, the commercial centre, and so forth. It absolutely breaks down your remarkable framework and indulges your business with cost dispersions for held occasions, applications, administrations, and considerably more.

Cloud Automation

Cloud Automation for the most part identifies with utilizing the dynamic abilities of cloud the board apparatuses, or of a cloud arrangement, to play out an undertaking or capacity missing of any manual mediation. As indicated by some industry investigators, a typical model would use the cloud to include new cases during an auto-scaling occasion with auto scaling gatherings. Auto-provisioning servers to address scaling issues, just as disclosure (finding and closingdown unused occurrences or procedures), and support up information on pre-set spans, are largely instances of procedures and undertakings IT groups can robotize.

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is the way toward moving applications, information, and different parts facilitated on servers inside an association to a cloud-based framework. A portion of the main cloud suppliers is Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. These give the equipment as well as offer an assortment of rich applications and services for constant integration, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and then some. At IntegreSolutions, our cloud-impartial items can without much of a stretch coordinate with most driving cloud-based arrangements.

Governance and Reporting

Aton Governance and Reporting goes about as a shield for your foundation in your non-appearance. It permits you to set up security and spending alarms just as to make reports that can be consequently imparted to the separate partners. Decentralization acquires productivity yet brings about lost command over your framework. Aton permits outsider reconciliations, for example, Slack, O365, Teams, or GSuite, to empower smooth joint effort of various groups on favoured medium.

Security and Health

Cloud computing presents a new model for improving the delivery of health care and increasing the business flexibility of medical organizations, enabling them to operate with greater efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and agility. Cloud computing has great potential to improve delivery of health care services. Centralized storage of medical and patient information in cloud infrastructures can improve data management and access, supporting new and less costly methods of claims processing, patient management, and enrolment.