Aton Network


Data Security Consulting

With your organization’s needs in better protecting against insider threats, data theft –  We will design the right solution based on your company’s specific needs. How ?

By following the below mentioned protocol:

  • Document the current as is security measures and assess
  • Recommend optimizations based on our deep knowledge and experience
  • Identify and prioritize critical data assets for inclusion in your pursuit of Data protection
  • Design program governance measures, including escalation workflows, periodic policy tuning and use-case evaluation

Turnkey Offshore Center Setup

Aton can help you set up an Offshore / Near shore IT development center right from fully functional Infrastructure to recruiting manpower / developers to setting up pay rolls. We can end up being a one stop shop for the entire setup.

Enterprise Digitalization

Digital transformation makes fundamental changes to the way enterprises operate. Many companies, irrespective of their type or size, have adopted digital transformation by integrating technology to be more efficient and profitable. Undergoing this transformation has become a necessity to survive in today’s business world.

Digital Transformation benefits:

  • Increased agility and efficiency
  • Improves customer acquisition and retention
  • Lower operational costs
  • Better customer experience
  • Efficient risk management
  • Enhanced data collection
  • Easy adoption of global best practices

Capacity Planning and Sizing

The right capacity planning process helps you consider a number of factors before you can start implementing. You need to know whether you are opting a small-scale deployment or an enterprise-scale deployment, whether users reside in different geographies, and in the case of an enterprise-scale deployment, you must also decide if you will be using clustered servers to distribute the load or multiple separate servers that function independently.

Deployment Plan should meet some of the below mentioned requirements and not limited to them:

  • Must meet the supported performance and concurrency numbers developed in capacity planning
  • Easily expandable and scalable to a larger population
  • Easily expandable to integrate with existing applications
  • Easy to operate and manage

Change Management

Aton supports the client with Change Management and minimizes the potential risk of changes.

The scope includes:

  • Creating the Change requirement
  • Defining the success factors with the Change implementation
  • Validating and approving the request
  • Classification of the Change requirement
  • Scheduling, Implementing and Managing the Change Requests.

Operational efficiency and Optimization

A balanced Operating Model is the representation of how an entity uses its customer offering, business capabilities and corporate structure to deliver value in accordance with its corporate strategy.

  • The balanced operating model is comprised of key operating components, the interactions amongst those components and the associated performance metrics. 
  • It is often used to refer to an entity’s processes and data standardisation.
  • It should be consistent with the strategic choices made by an entity’s leadership and is unique to that entity.