Aton Network


Cyber Security

As computing environments grow more complex and sprawl across data centers and clouds with both physical and virtual workloads, traditional data protection solutions just don’t cut it anymore. Only a modern solution that makes it easy to manage data protection from multiple sources and with multiple potential backup targets will help you control and take full advantage of your hybrid IT architecture

Organizations are realizing the benefits of a boundless cloud protection strategy. Tightly integrated solutions for protecting and managing both native and hybrid-cloud data give you a cost-effective, scalable,and future-proof solution to drive business resiliency, ensuring data is always protected and available

Enterprise Solutions

Regardless of whether you’re undertaking an enterprise-wide usage, redesign, roll out, or overseeing administration deployment, Aton can help limit cost and hazard while augmenting efficiencies and incentives to your business. Our exclusive structures, apparatuses, and quickening agents upheld by worldwide R&D are mapped to an application life cycle.

Cloud Enablement

Cloud enablement is the process of analyzing an organization’s existing landscape, then architecting, deploying and operating a portion of or its entire in-house IT infrastructure, software and resources to either a public, private or hybrid cloud environment. A cloud enablement initiative can encompass migrating servers, operating system, databases, business applications and more to the cloud.

Cloud solutions

  • No need for lengthy installations.
  • Data can be shared and synchronized faster across your entire network.
  • Far more cost-effective than entirely on-prem. Storing part or all of your infrastructure in the Cloud is generally the efficient way to manage your company’s data.
  • Added redundancy to prevent data loss and outages.
  • More secure.

Custom Software Development

Your demands are unique, and your software solution should be unique too. Custom software offers a competitive advantage for companies of all sizes in all industries. It’s not enough that software solves today’s problem–it needs to solve tomorrow’s problems as well. Aton specializes in developing scalable custom solutions

Mobile Apps Development

We build IOS Mobile Apps, Android app, Progressive App and IOT Mobile Apps. Our methodical and phased wise approach right from Design to an MVP makes us distinct and successful.

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Empowering the customer to make fast business decisions with world class data analytics softwares

Gain real-time business insights and solve the problem as they occur or seize opportunities as they arise. Create and share compelling reports & interactive dashboards

Software Testing Services - Security Testing

At  Aton, we perform End to End testing services right after the time developer pushes the code after his / her Unit Testing. We help customers perform UAT in guiding the real time users or the power users in simulating the regular usage of application. Both manual and automation testing services are offered that suits the need

As part of the Security Testing, Aton does the Threat and Vulnerability assessments and Penetration Testing of Mobile and Web Apps. (It can be Application, Network, and Hardware security)